Star Ranch

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Spain. Creative Direction & Photography by Juan Ledesma. Styling by Iván Alarcón. Model is Lucía Muñoz. Makeup and hair by Otilia Ortiz.

“This is my new editorial: “𝓢𝓽☆𝓻 𝓡☆𝓷𝓬𝓱” (Star Ranch). This work reflects the point of view of a pre-Internet era where people conformed a much more genuine style, without taking into account the opinión of others when it comes to them being and dressing and, above all, without having such a direct feedback like the one social networks allow nowadays. There was still a personal style linked to more sincere personalities. An aesthetic that could be defined as a mix between The Spahn Ranch and Woodstock 99’ … or something like that. To sum up, something that Anthony Soprano Jr. would like.”


Creative Direction & Photography by Juan Ledesma / @johnled_
Styling by Iván Alarcón / @thehalconmaltes
Muah: Otilia Ortiz / @otiliasanleon
Studio Assistant: David Pérez / @david.pht

Model: Lucía Muñoz / @indiamunoz