The Crazy Garden

A story tells the explosion and liberation that was trapped in a body culminating in the empowerment of acceptance inserted in this equally beautiful Nature as it is. Photographer Lester Villarroel captured Benjamín Bou for an exclusive KALTBLUT editorial. Makeup & hair by Francisca Fernandez. Art direction & Styliing by Rosario Acevedo using fashion by Rosa Acevedo, Carla Riffo, Dr. Martens and Gustavo Empuro.

Art & Stylist by Rosario Acevedo / instagram: @rosa.acevedo.e
Model Benjamín Bou / instagram: @boubnjamin @welovemodels._
Makeup & hair by Francisca Fernandez / instagram: @panchafernandez
Photography by Lester Villarroel / instagram: @lester_villarroel
Location Espacio Vivo Arrayan / instagram: @espaciovivoarrayan