The xenophobic attitude of post-soviet countries

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Johana Kasalicka. Models are Ibrahim (Jaro), Viet (Pure) and Almamy (New Aliens). Styling by Gavriil Lenchenko. Fashion by Wanda Dancova, Teva. Johana is a Czech visual artist currently living and studying (LCF) in London. In her practice, she focuses on social issues, often linked to themes such as middle class, youth culture, post-feminism or Eastern Europe.

Photography by Johana Kasalicka / / Instagram: @johanakasalicka_ph
Styling by Gavriil Lenchenko / Instagram: @gavriil_lenchenko
Models are Ibrahim (Jaro) @ibman96, Viet (Pure) @slimy_v, Almamy (New Aliens) @expritel
Assistant: Klara Kierzkowska / Instagram: @ursula.ledsen