Transcending Time and Space: Gianluca Lattuada’s “No time no space” Exhibition

The Great Museum of the Maya World in Yucatan, Mexico, was transformed into a portal to a world without boundaries on Saturday, July 29. The ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the inauguration of the captivating exhibition “No time no space” by acclaimed Italian painter Gianluca Lattuada. This unique project, brought to life through the joint efforts of Mexican institutions and the Secretary of Culture and Arts of Yucatan, showcases Lattuada’s latest series of paintings inspired by his time in Mexico.

Lattuada’s brush strokes elegantly blend the symbolism of the Maya World, the vibrant colours of the Mexican landscape and architecture, and the rich cultural tapestry of the country. He unveils a new form of figurative painting that transcends time and space, communicating the essence of the contemporary world. Each canvas is a testament to the ever-changing dynamics of humanity and the harmonious fusion of civilizations and cultures.

Drawing inspiration from his encounters in Mexico, Lattuada captures the essence of the jaguar, the revered animal of the Maya, and the strength and transformative power symbolized by the serpent. Maya hieroglyphs and sculptures encountered in the enchanting “pueblos magicos” also find a place in his art. Moreover, his paintings offer glimpses of the local gastronomy with references to fruits like Pitahaya and Mamey, along with allusions to the region’s economic and historical significance.

Lattuada’s art allows the history, traditions, and local culture to surpass borders while keeping their memories alive. Embodying strength and delicacy, the central female figures in his paintings skillfully navigate the surrounding world of violence and adversity. They balance the conflicting forces, like two fighting roosters or a fierce beast embracing serpents. These contemporary fables intertwine people, stories, and cultures, continuing the age-old tradition of using myths, legends, and fables to explore the mysteries of our universe. Lattuada establishes a bridge between the past and present, reminding us of the unchanging meanings that traverse time.

Gianluca Lattuada, known for his exceptional talent and thoughtful approach, is an Italian artist with a base in Milan and Madrid. His works have achieved acclaim across Italy, Spain, England, and international books and magazines. Lattuada’s art presents a puzzle for viewers, inviting them to decipher and reconstruct meanings through their own unique lenses, leading to a profound and spiritual journey. His references to literature, mythology, and classical art serve as spotlights that illuminate the present, offering a fresh and transformative perspective.

By harnessing the energy, forms, and meanings of the past, Lattuada’s art distinguishes him from his peers. His distinct language and research shed new light on the present, guiding viewers toward unexplored horizons. Through his works, visitors to the “No time no space” exhibition embark on an extraordinary voyage, where the boundary between what was and what is becomes blurred, adding a touch of magic to the world we inhabit.