Two sides of the same coin by Mihir Jaideep Thakkar

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Mihir Jaideep Thakkar. Models are Dolce Oliver & Lita Flores Garcia signed at URBN Models GmbH. Styled by Kalyani Adhav. Makeup by Neha Parmar. Hair styled by Kinjal Garg. Brands are Giambattista Valli x HM dress, The Source boots, Zara, Kocktail, Stradivarius, Pinkcow dresses, Preselia, Daya, Steve Madden, Mango, Dura, Anna Klein, Brase, Reformation, The Source skirt, Kazo, Garage, The Label Life, Ardene & Dollskill.

“If two individuals are two sides of the same coin or opposite sides of the same coin,
they are closely related to each other and cannot be separated, even though they seem to be completely different.”

Photography by Mihir Jaideep Thakkar / Instagram: @themihirthakkar
Models are Dolce Oliver / Instagram: @dolce.oliver
& Lita Flores Garcia signed at URBN Models GmbH Instagram: @urbnde
/ Instagram: @lita.flores.garcia
Styled by Kalyani Adhav / Instagram: @kaymblr
Makeup by Neha Parmar / Instagram: @neha.parmar_
Hair styled by Kinjal Garg / Instagram: @garg_kinjal