Unity by Michelle Terris

Michelle Terris runs a media studio focused on photography, video, and creative direction. She works with brands that are kind to the environment, conscious of their messaging, and intentional with their work. Inclusivity, sustainability, and creativity are the pillars of her business.

“As we deal with difficult times and necessary changes, our vision for this project was to define the moment we are living. With Covid 19 and Black Lives Matter movement being the focus, we collaborated with individuals who stand with us through the art of dance, photography, film and fashion. We want to represent unity and diversity. By continuing to create during this time, we are able to use our talents to send a message. ”

Team Credits
Co-Creative Direction /Styling
Janet Gomez
Instagram: @janetdgomez

Co-Creative Direction /Photographer Michelle Terris
Instagram: @mterrisphoto

Cinematographer Yarden Lior
Instagram: @yardenlior

Dance Choreographers Cody Potter (they/them) & Shane Raiford
Instagram: @cpotterp

Dancers/ Solo Choreography:
Kevin Zambrano
Instagram: @kevin_zam

Kayla Johnson
Instagram: @kaylaannjo

Taylor Unwin
Instagram: @win__un

Instagram: @hi_o_sun

Assistant: Jackie Marrufo
Instagram: @jackiemarrufo

Music Figgy Baby “Worn Edges”
Instagram: @figgybaby