VAST+ARID by Dennis Eichmann

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Fashion & Photography by Dennis Eichmann. Models are Tarik and Duc. Video by Sven Serkis.

Vast & Arid

The desert and its landscape were the main inspiration for this queer mens*wear collection.
The colors and textures of the landscape are reflected in the clothes: pink, violet, and blues are combined with earthy tones of beige, off-white and brown. Fine silk and tulle are juxtaposed with heavier materials like natural denim and wool. A digital print was developed from spotted goat fur. Different types of denim were bleached by hand in a similar pattern. Both of which mimic the scattered bushes in the sandy surrounding. The matte fabrics are contracted with silver details like zippers, belts and shoes and caps. This collection is an attempt to provoke new ways of looking at masculinity through fashion by breaking the boundaries of gender-specific pieces of clothing. Caftans and slip-dresses go hand in hand with cargo pants and utility jackets, giving the wearer an elegant, genderfluid look. The outfits are rounded off by various versions of 5-panel-hats and styled with high-heeled boots.

Fashion & Photography by Dennis Eichmann / / Instagram: @__dennis__dennis
Models are Tarik, Instagram: @tarik_mit_i
Duc, Instagram: @dju.zi signed
Video by Sven Serkis / / Instagram: @svenserkis

“I was born and raised in Northern Germany. Since I have always been very creative and crafty it seemed like a logical step for me to study Fine Arts. I did so in Kiel as well as in Vienna, where I was in Daniel Richter’s painting class. I finished this program with a Bachelor’s degree, my final project being a mixture of sculpture and fashion.

In 2012 I moved to Berlin to study fashion design at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißenssee.
I earned both, a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in this discipline.
Having many different interests, doing only fashion design was clearly just not enough so I started analog photography while I was traveling. At the beginning it was only used as a tool to document my journeys but soon became much more than that.  I’m currently working on several different projects including a book, which will hopefully be completed in 2020.

In all of my works I’m mostly interested in showcasing contrasts, for example: human-made structures vs. untouched nature, male vs. female, bodies vs. architecture. “*Dennis Eichmann