Video Premiere: COCO MOON – Bodies

COCO MOON are the brilliantly visceral Danish band who just released their second album, ‘Marble Mouth’.  Five years after their debut album, the band presents an ambitious and dark recording, homing in around a tough period of life for the leadsinger Nana Odderskærs. With the outcome ultimately resulting in making radical changes to her life, and after recently collaborating with London-based artist Stine Deja, today we host the German premiere for COCO MOON’s hyper-warped video for ‘Bodies’.

Nana explains, “The album title is a metaphor of how I felt during that period. Marble Mouth is a picture of being paralyzed on one of the most sensual and soft parts of the human body, while it also portraits a person that is not being heard or understood. Bodies is about being disconnected from you own body in a culture that puts focus on the outside instead of the inner values. The lyrics questions if this culture is a culture you want to be part of as a human being.’”

Marble Mouth was released the 9th of October on Concrete Lab