Video Premiere: HOPE – ‘Cell’

‘Cell’ is the endless story of human struggle – the story of two lovers and their inability to find each other. Their deep yearning for reconciliation, closeness and comfort remains unful- filled, the resulting pain and wounds unhealed. While the music pervades all chapters of this story – from painful reduction and repetition to Wagnerian outbursts (produced masterly by Olaf Opal) – the video captures the situation in a single image. Director Riccardo Bernardi creates a thoroughly minimalistic setting, in which the rules work on a similar principle as those of Lars von Trier’s “Dogville”. Our two characters struggle and fight with their own, self-imposed frontiers. Two humans in cells. Two cells.

‘Cell’ is out now via Sinnbus
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15.07.2016 – DE – Friedland – Mit Dir Festival
28.07.2016 – DE – Göttingen – D.O.T.S
03.09.2016 – DE – Osterbruch – Schweinskopf Festival