Video Premiere: Stayhomie – I Can Do It For You (feat. Snezhik)

Stayhomie, the moniker of electronic producer Max Kubbe, enlists the help of Snezhik, vocalist of indie-electronic band Feellove, for the second time to perfect his euphoric single ‘I Can Do It For You’. The tranquil experience showcases the Russian native’s knack for patching together voice samples with vintage synthesizers. “There are two selves inside of me,” explains Kubbe. “One of them looks toward melancholic experimental sound, the other one infinitely loves aesthetics of the ’90s, ultramelodism and sentimental pop-phrasing. You can find both of them on this track”. ‘I Can Do It For You’ features on Stayhomie’s debut album Random Heartbreaking Memories vol. 1, out now.


Stayhomie: “Footage for the music video “I Can Do It For You” was shot by photographer Luis Quintero at the mass of a religious community in Panama. These visually powerful video clips inspired me to put them together to make one whole story with a stunning climax”.

Stayhomie’s discography includes EP-album Year of No Answers (2018) and single NNNZ (2020). On 12. February 2021 he released his debut full-length album Random Heartbreaking Memories vol. 1 via label Ezhevika.


Upcoming events

Live presentation of Stayhomie’s new album will take place on 16. February at Union Bar (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) with Man As Island as a warm-up.

Feature photo by Konstantin Kondrukhov