Wavering Moons Connor Crowe

Connor Crowe is a Saint Louis-based digital artist specializing in Adobe Illustrator. He has been traditionally drawing, with pencil and paper, from a young age and has spent many years developing his personal style. Through his work, Connor seeks to create an escape from this world into one of his own design. He uses fashion, bold colors, mixed patterns, disfigured faces, and desolate backgrounds to display this alien aesthetic and to convey universal themes of love, isolation, and loneliness.

Connor Crowe is inspired by stained glass windows, classical architecture, mythology, and religious art from a variety of different cultures. His next project will be a series of visual poems, combining his interest in art and poetry.

” My work, which is set on a distant planet, employs fashion, design, and sometimes poetry to explore themes of love, loneliness, and isolation. I am inspired by religious, ancient, and modern art from various cultures.”