You can not touch me – I am in another universe

KALTBLUT presents: Form of interest. by Jessica Dettinger. Form of interest. is a small conceptual fashion label based in Munich since July 2014 It was established because of the application for the master menswear fashion at the Royal College of art in London / the name of the label is based to see fashion as a medium to discuss questions of our society and to deconstruct old role models or ways of thinking. It is more than clothes – especially in times of fast fashion – designers should emphasize their new thinking of a suistainable slow fashion. Suistainable not only means using fair fabrics and fair ways of production. Every item is only available in a small series to bring back the moment of an unikat. Photography by Sophie Wanninger. 


„…. you can not touch me – I am in another universe

“The conceptual background of Form of interest. is also working in the art / video and music field. The collections are based on high philosophical books like those from Byung Chul Han or Jean Baudrillard.  The clothes are for men and women. It is the search for a sort of Anti Form. The gender question and why we still think of aesthetic role models is what Form of interest. is about. It is a way of trying and researching for clothes which fits men and women as well without using the normal way of dressing the girl in a boyfriend blazer or the man in a skinny jeans. this is quite to simple for the modern society…… The collection I am in another universe is based on the radical constructivism – which means that every human is constructing his or her own world in a quite subjective way – what we think is real is only the what we are communicate is real. So in a deeper meaning the collection titel describes the discrepancy that normally we all are equal as human beings but with establishing a society rule with beliefs how we should be. Fashion as trend maker does have an important impact what we belief is men or women or beautiful… “

Fashion: Form of interest. / by Jessica Dettinger

Photo: Sophie Wanninger
Make-up: Sabrina Reuschl 
Model: Max Bungarten Agency