Plastic Production x Kantastique! A Performance Night at Revier Südost

#SaveTheDate Berlin: May 4th, 2024! Prepare yourselves for an electrifying night as Kantastique and Plastic Productions join forces to redefine the essence of live performance in Berlin. This exclusive event promises a theatrical spectacle, spotlighting Berlin’s most extraordinary talents—from iconic drag queens to dynamic dancers, and the masterminds of mayhem we affectionately term chaos artists.

Invoking the sheer magic these artists manifest. It’s an evening dedicated to revelling in the joy and connections that only live events can inspire. Gear up to immerse in a culture-rich night of entertainment, community, and celebration!

  • Bully Fae Collins
  • Deeon
  • Fluxxious
  • Harpy Fatale
  • Lawunda Richardsson


Curators: Karlie Kant & Johanne Björklund Larsen
Production: Plastic Productions

“Dive into our unique concoction of live acts, social gatherings, and transformative art exhibitions. Plastic Productions is a citadel where vibrant connections, communication, and creative collaborations thrive. Each event orbits around a deeply considered theme, challenging artists and creators from diverse arenas to explore and interact through interdisciplinary endeavours.

As the night unfolds, relationships bloom, embedding a profound sense of community and belonging among all present—from spectators to performers and creators.

Plastic Productions aims to vitalize the dynamics of art and culture, transcending conventional presentation styles to celebrate the spontaneous and impactful.”


Kantastique is not just a drag show, but a revolution born from the creative spirit of drag icon Karlie Kant. Nestled in the cultural hub of Neukölln at Keglerheim Neukölln, Kantastique first illuminated the stage in June 2020—a beacon during times when traditional venues were unreachable. It has since burgeoned into a landmark event, showcasing 32 unique performers to date and providing a launch pad for upcoming drag talents.

Kantastique epitomizes the eclectic soul of Berlin, weaving together strands of straight and queer, glitz and grunge, and the unconventional pairing of darts and drag. It’s a celebration where Hertha fans might rub shoulders with beauty aficionados, each element contributing to Berlin’s pulsating, eclectic mix.

Join them in this grand juxtaposition of culture and whimsy at Plastic Production x Kantastique—where art is experienced, not just viewed, and where every encounter leaves a mark, long cherished beyond the night.

Tickets available via Revier Südost

Pre-Sale for 16€
At the Doors for 20€

Venue: Revier Südost Schnellerstraße 13 12439 Berlin

Date: 4th of May 2024 From 7pm to 1am Show starts at 8pm