Cristina Polop is an artist and illustrator based in London. Graduated in Arts and Interactive Media, her inspiration comes from... Read More
Anton Coene is a notorious photographer who resides in the picture-perfect town of Ghent, Belgium. For some time now he... Read More
Alexis Vasilikos (b. 1977) is an Athens-based Greek photographer and the co-editor of Phases Photography Magazine. His breathtaking work explores the... Read More
Marc Stüwe is a designer and an artist based in Berlin. He started to work as a graphic designer but... Read More
Born and raised in Seoul, Maroh Kim is an inspirational photographer based in New York. While studying journalism, he was... Read More
Color the white cube spirit tonight with the BLACK PALM project. The rare edition and design collector platform is getting... Read More
Jaejin Hwang is a freelance photographer from South Korea, but currently residing in Ohio, US. He is also a graduate student... Read More
Giulio Ghirardi was born and raised in Parma, Italy. He took his master in architecture at Politecnico di Milano and lived... Read More
In the beginning of 2012, artist Gonzalo Bénard in a quest of understanding the loneliness of youth, its causes and consequences, asked a... Read More
Mr. WizHard: a project about beauty, pornography and social acceptance by Davide Bazzerla. A designer and visual researcher, with a wide... Read More
The young photographer, Gloria Marigo lives in Italy. She started taking photos some years ago, kinda by accident. At first... Read More
Mira Nedyalkova is a Bulgarian artist working mainly with photography and herself or her friend as a model. Her haunting... Read More
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